Hi dudes and dudettes.

Im here.

A little bit of history.

I can remember my childhood and it used to be really happy and without any worries. Then some **stuff** happened and time passed and i found myself not talking to girls. I was shy/introverted/anxious and with LSE and could not start a conversation with girls.A complete beta with a capital B .Upto the age of 24 I had never had coffee with a girl.

I am not very bad looking. I am 6 feet tall with slim build. I have blue eyes. I always used to wonder whats wrong with me and why wont women come over , see me sitting alone and bored and come strike a conversation.

Then i found out about this pua stuff and started to improve myself and trying to talk to women indirectly and overcame Approach Anxiety a little bit. I did not become a fark machine but did get 2-3 dates. I got friend zoned after those 3 dates because i did not take the initiative to kiss the girl but felt like a proud commando martyred in battle, Or like the first man on moon.

Attaching my photo. I used to think i am ugly and thats the reason why women wont approach me(only 4-5 did in my whole life). Then i read about being an alpha male and now i understand that its a mans duty to approach women.

That "tip tip" of sandals when a girl walks besides you and you are in control out of this world. Thanks all for that feeling.