As you read, I'm not in the game for the intention of PU but for the extra level of experience in social dynamics and to learn more about the Body Language(BL) behind attraction. ( although the benefits of a full-close isn't too bad either)

In a way you could refer to me as a RAFC but without the F.
I want to join you guys to learn more about your experiences and in turn share mine in order to understand the intentions behind the BL.
When I post, it will be more focussed on the BL then it will be detailed in the movements and twitches and less on what i actually say.
For the most part, I'm considered an Alpha by most, standing at 189cm and medium muscular build, confident, great posture (4 years of ballroom dancing best thing i ever learnt) and clearly spoken. I've never had problems actually talking to women or even reaching Kino stage, its after that I wan to learn more of, like for example "phase-shifting" and shizz.

If you have any details you want to share, let me know, id love any feedback you guys have on the field, also if there is anyone around Melbourne, Australia who want to sarge give me a PM or something,

Later, BamleBam