Im currently reading The Game from Style and i have to admit i can not put that book down. I am so intrigued with this society and community that Style speaks of. So, today i decided to join and start learning. I am not a virgin, nor am i a guy who gets ass every day of a week from different girls. I do get laid but that isn't enough for me. I want to be able to go up to any women i like and simply be able to talk to them, keep them entertained,get their number and eventually have sex with them. As of now i have trouble going up to beautiful women and talking to them and transition the conversation into a more sexual one. I want to make sexual relationships not friends anymore. The issue is just knowing what to say. So hopefully by keeping on reading and going through the forums i will have a more clear and much better approach to finally get out of the AFC world and into the PUA world.

- Eeeko