Hello, Eeeko again!

Tomorrow i am taking out this girl who has essentially been a lifelong friend. I always had a crush on her and we eventually got together in 8th grade (note we've known each other since 5th grade) and she revealed that she always liked me so i closed the deal then only to break up shortly after due to her friend making her break up with me which i found out last week. She was also my best friend in middle school..

Im in college now a sophomore and we ran into each other at Walmart and she immediately approached and greeted me and we ended up chatting for about two hours. We talked about our relationships and mine how it ended but we are still "hanging out" which i vaguely said. Me and my ex girl friend are somewhat still together and we fark whenever she comes back from school which is every 2-3 weeks. My friend has been with her boyfriend since god knows when in high school and they are currently on a "break."

We text on a daily basis and she enjoys hanging out with me cause she never shuts up when we hang out and i love it. She told me once that i make her wonder what "if" meaning what if we never broke up and remained together. I can now refer to this as an ioi because i feel thats what it is. I asked her what a "break" meant to her and she gave me her and her boyfriend's definition of it. Essentially hers is shes free to do as she pleases and i asked her if she would ever have sex with another guy and she said she wouldn't and she wouldn't want her bf to nail other girls. I now know this response is because of socialization of not wanting to be named or feel like a slut.

Ive drunk texted her and told her i wanted to have sex with her cause i know i wouldnt do it sober so in a sense used it as an excuse. But she never said no or yes only responded with "I would be confused cause im with my bf and your with sheila" So i took this as a possibility as i might have a chance.

Going into our first get together while we were eating i took advice from another book called The Manual: What Women Want And How To Give It To Them and decided to touch her more. When she had her hand on the table i would rest my hand on it but she would not pull back or anything but i would get too nervous and pull back eventually but i did it a couple of times. As i was driving back from where we ate a burger i put my arm around her and rest my hand on her shoulder and occasionally messaged my thumb in a circular motion on her shoulder blade and it looked like she didnt care or seem to notice.

Tomorrow we are going to hang out and i took an ideal time at 7pm to pick her up and we can chat in a park then get ice cream but the twist i want to buy the ice cream and take her to the look out down the street. I was planning on touching her more and telling her "Since you're on break you dont mind me doing this" and kiss her and put my hand on her legs and hope she will respond back to it. I have not planned ahead of that and was hoping for a make-it-or-break-it moment and let the light shine on me getting farked over and losing a friend or let it ride and hopefully fark her in the back seat of my car.

So please on any advice on what i could do to make a positive move that will up my chances would be greatly appreciated. I also somewhat prepared from reading The Game a couple of lines just in case she brings up her boyfriend. But if you guys can give me a BF Destroyer to make her more comfortable and comfortable in general would be awesome.

Thanks again,