What's up guys, call me Gadsen.

I'm from Texas.

22 year old college student.

If I could describe myself right now, I would say that I am a pretty good looking AFC. I've never been hopeless, I pull good looking girls every now and then, I just don't do it every time I go out (by far my biggest weakness is a lack of confidence). But my goal IS to pull the girl that I want EVERYTIME I go out, and I think this is the community that will help me reach my full potential and polish up my game.

I initially got into "the game" by watching VH1's PUA series while in high school. I remember contemplating buying Neil Strauss' The Game, but I was always too embarrassed to do so. I recently got fed up with my lack of 'game' and I finally decided to watch the tv series again from Amazon. I was doing well at the beginning of the summer (I pulled one girl a week for the first month of summer, which is good for me), but I went into another slump which was enough to make me go out and finally buy The Game and I'm almost half way through it.

I've only seriously been studying pick up since the beginning of summer.

I'm not sure what my favorite style of pick up is yet, I'm still fairly new to everything, but I'm ready to learn as much as I can.

I'm an avid golfer, sports fan, and poker player (I love gambling, I just wish I had as much balls when trying to pick up women as I do when I'm in front of a sportsbook or poker table)