alright guys another update, 2 of my friends and I went out to a pup last night for karaoke night, even though we were underaged we were still allowed in, we just couldnt drink. so were there hanging out, its kind of dead and then it starts to pick up and when were sitting at the bar, at the end of the bar 2 chicks walk in, one a blonds the other brunette. the brunette is talking to some guy and the blonde was left there by herself. 10 min. go by and i noticed her looking at me a couple times, so i stand up go to the bathroom and on my way back i tap her on the side and say:
Me: Hey (smiling) how come I havent seen you around here before?
Her: Umm, I usually come her all the time...
Me: Oh ok, so what is your major?
Her: Equine (thats horse riding)
Me: Oh, I am in ______
Her: Cool...

The conversation was very awkward and the after that she turned around and faced her friend even though they werent talking. So what did I do wrong guys? I am guessing i bored her, but I had no clue what to say to her so I just BS'd it...any suggestions?