So i'm 24. When i was in junior high i used to be the "friend." i wasn't very popular, but because i had so many female friends i had social immunity. i've been raised by my mother and sister, but trained by my brother. I have a little problem with approaching very beautiful women due to the fact that i can never think of an opener. I can always get a Number Close and usually a kiss close but struggle with the rest. I have just gotten out of a brutul engagement. i was out of the country for a few months working and when i got back my ex had taken everything i own. A friend of mine told me about the social society that are PUAs. Now i'm in a situation where i'd like to learn more, both so i dont become a chump again that have all of my stuff stolen, and both to have the confidance to be able to, although hopefull not in the near future, find a good match for me and know how to keep our animal emotions going. but for a few years atleast, i'd love to get into the game. I think i'd be a great wingman since i'm not a complete AFC, and can be a great pupil too. any advice to give would be great also. anyone around British Columbia, give me a shout. thanks all - Dice