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Thread: Got 2 years in the game. and now got depressed over a girl :(

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    Unhappy Got 2 years in the game. and now got depressed over a girl :(

    I know that i don't come very often but now is different. i got in the game at the age of 16 now i am 18, back when i was 16 and before of course, I was an AFC. I always had a lot of friends but not a girlfriend. (thought i was no good looking enought) I got mad at my self so mad that i START READING BOOKS :P (i did not like to read books but i.found the game)

    I WAS a Machine, now I ignored my aa and approach with in 3 seconds. I move at the age of 17 to NY.I am Dominican. i was nervous about the new girls here in America lol. but them realize i was easier because i read every book in English. i know what you may be thinking i am too young to be worried, but anyways i going to tell you what happened to me.(lol i should write a autobiographic.)

    so I got back this last summer on vacation to DR blah blah blah
    (not gonna to tell you about all my field experience during the summer but i going to tell you about this one).

    IT was AUGUST 15 my last night out. I decided to go to a Steve Aoki concert with my friends and other people. on the Tour of my cousin.I am from Santiago City and the concert was in the capital 2 hours and a half away from santiago.

    Sooooo when my friends and I got into the bus. I had a 3 targets that night. but god 1 of this targets was a not a 10.something that i NEver seen before, i got no numbers for her. for me she was perfect, beautiful face, black hair, and sexy body, besides she had a tongue piercing (which i find really hot :P).

    (in DR when you are 18 u can do anything including drink)
    Anyways I was like let's do this. everybody was drinking on that bus including me but i was no drunk, actually no body was drunk.....but i don't remember what was the first things that i told her which is confusing and blurry...... i remember from here she ask me about my career, i said laws (which is a lie. i just graduate). them she said are you serious? i said "no girl I just graduate"... hahahah ohh so what school did you graduate from,she asked me. " I moved to NY i said" them she said "ohhh so that's why I never seen you before. Anyways what career are you going to choose'' with a serious look in her face. so i said "LAWS" with a serious look in my face...she smiled at me and said

    - Nice career. that's what i used to want.

    me- seriously? what is your career.

    - Criminal Psychology. (ohh I believe her because she raped my mind)

    - what is your name? she asked me.

    me- Rafael, what is yours?

    - Kenia.

    the bus made a stop on a gift and food shop I went to the bathroom
    i had to pee.......a friend of mine was by my side we were peeing together lol. them he said.

    - You had change dude.

    me - how is that ?

    - You never talked to women.

    me - hahahahah things are different now.

    - be carefull with kenia.

    me - why ?

    - she has bad reputation.....and she is a hater.

    me -don't worry about me. i can handle that.

    - she is going to reject you

    me- well that is up to her (smile).

    everybody got into the bus. i decide to trow her some negs since my friend told me that she is a hater. when a girl is a hater i like to this to show her that i dont feel intimidated by her. or to make it seem i am not interested.

    me - you are fat (it was funny because she was not fat at all)

    Kenia- hahhaaha how dare u, i am not fat...

    me- of course you are (slaping her belly :P)

    Kenia - hahahah stop. you are so mean to me. i am not fat. (smiling)

    me- don't worry you still hot. hot but fat.

    Kenia- hahahahha (saw her tongue piercing)

    me - no way! do you have a tongue piercing? sho me your tongue.

    Kenia- Yeahh......:P.....yo u like it?

    me - i want one!

    them we started talking about piercings. I was feeling the vibe.and she was feeling it too!
    them my cousing put a song that i love.notice we still on the bus!

    me- omg I love that song. (third party vs cicada- feel....u guys should hear it)

    Kenia- wooow are you serious I love it too that song gets me high.

    me-No way my favorite.

    everybody was watching us...

    me- Are you going VIP OR GENERAL?

    Kenia- General.

    me - psssss u are so poor.

    Kenia- hahahah what about you?

    me- General

    Kenia- so we are going to be together!

    me- yeah hi5 (kino just started)

    lets skip a little bit....

    WE got there at the concert.there were a lot of people in the doors.

    Kenia- Rafy hold my wrist. so we can get inside

    me- Fark somebody stole my wallet!

    Kenia-what... don't worry

    me- what? somebody stole my farking wallet. i need my money.

    Kenia - don't worry I going to buy you drinks!

    me- well. ok.

    them she dissapear. i was no really worry about my wallet.
    (it was not her just in case.)

    them i started dancing with another chick from the tour .since she dissapear i tried to reach my cellphone on my front pocket.

    me- Fark somebody stole my cellphone.

    chick- what. heheheheh them you are screw3d.

    me - whatever!

    so i started looking for kenia. I saw her dancing with another dude. taller a better looking than me.i walked towards her.

    me- somebody stole my cellphone can you believe it?

    kenia-uihh don't tell me that. i am sorry

    me- there is nothing we can do about my cellphone.or my wallet. do you have a ciggarette. ( i dont smoke. i have asthma but she was smoking a lot so i did not want her to get a cancer.)

    kenia- this is my last 1 we can share it if you want?

    me- OK

    3 minutes later

    me - do you want me to lift you by shoulders?

    kenia- sure but you can't i am to heavy (she was still dancing with the guy, and I wanted to get rid of him)

    me - them why dont you lift me?

    kenya- i can do that (she stoped dancing with the guy hah)

    me - horseback i dont want to hurt you!

    she was about to fall so I told her to stop.

    me - you know what give a me a chance to lift you by my shoulders. because you are going to break your back.

    kenya- ok

    me- Open you legs ( while i was standing behind her)

    I lift her by my shoulders.while she was there she started to touching my hair. and my face she put her finger inside my mouth.
    i lifted her for 3 full 7 minutes songs.i needed to drink water... i am skinny but i swimm. that is why i have stamina "you surprised me, you are stronger than you look'' she said after i put her down.

    me- i need water.

    kenia- heree, you deserve some water ( she gave me some money)

    i went to drink water, and them I was thinkin " god now is when i going to make my move with her''....but them the same guy that i got rid of, was there again dancing and with her.I just wanted to beat him up like he were a Nazi. but i decide to solve this as a PUA. I had 2 options walk away. or get Rid of him again. bersides its up to her.
    i walk back in again . i could see that somehow she was not enjoyng
    the dance. with that creepy better looking than me guy! suddenly Aoki started trowing cake to the public. and 1 piece of cake hit me on my chest. i saw kenia laughting about that while she was dancing with the guy. them i walk up to her with my hands full of cake:P . them i cover her face with a little bit of cake, the she was holding my hands trying to cover mine face.

    me- Are you trying to cover my face of cake. with my own hands?

    Kenia- I can't you are stronger than you look.

    me - hahahaha.dude get some napkins.

    creepy guy - what?

    me- get some napkins for her.

    creepy guy - I got you bro! (suckeeeer!)

    he went away, and I clean her face with my own hands and some water.

    me - open your legs .

    I lift her again by my shoulders. i could not take it anymore after a single song I put her down in a way that i was behind soon as I put her down i started dancing with her."

    DANGER! what you are going to read from here is a very deep Kino Escalation.

    we were dancing like we were having hehehe you know. she kissed my cheek. we were holding hands while dancing.she was a little taller than my so she moved down and a little out, wich it was hot!
    them i had my hands holding her belt. aoki change the music now it was kinda of dubstep.

    Kenia- i dont know how to dance that, teach me.

    me- you are doing great .

    i kissed her neck, we were getting too deep, she made me feel present to that moment and focus. people made a little circle just for me and her.suddenly she grabbed both of my hands. she dragged both of my hands to her chest.

    me- I think u are the one who is teaching me how to dance.

    kenia- hahahaha

    i slowy put one of my hand holding one of her hands, them the other one holding her belt. because i did not wanted her to think that i was needy.while dancing I looked at her in the eye. we were about to make out, her nose was touching mine. but them I dont know why,i turned away, i kept dancing with her and i grabbed one of her hands, and the other one I put it on her on her chest again. we dance like 4 full songs. the creepy guy had dissapear.
    them the concert was over i hold her hand and say.

    me- let's go to he bus (hoping we could make out there)

    Kenia- OK!

    you won't believe me what happened next.the creepy guy walked towards us with a bunch of kidnapps. she dropped my hand
    and put hers inside her back pocket. i did not wanted to deal with the same guy again so i walked away. and made my way to the bus alone.............i was in schoked. when were in the bus i did not say a word to her. neither did her.well she did not say anything about the concert again. she just laught when i said let's go to the after party(yeah right at 7 30 am). them nothing much happened. she said bye I said ok.

    ohh by the way I had my after party. with my bed sleeping I got home at 8:15 am .them when i woke up i thought about everything, I thought about her a lottt . ''farkk I should have kissed her. instead of turn back now i cant do nothing because i get back to NY tomorow'' this were my thoughtts, this was my last i feel so so bitter. depressed and traumatized. its been a week now
    and I only think about her. that was the last time made i an aproach . now i just think about her everytime. every minute of the days. the only think that i do in my pc now is see pictures of her in facebook ( who's the creeper now).... i dont have this sensation of bitterness,sadnes, depretion since i was 16. i need help now.i am desperate, i need an advice, to get rid of this depression, to get her out of my mine. i cant do nothing about her now she is in DR and i am here in NY, please help me before i do something stupid!!

    (just in case i don't use any type of drugs, and i am not planning to kill my self. so far) I just need an advice to be me again! please help me i cant even get no sleep since monday.hope you guys UNderstand.
    by the way she is 20.
    if anytime I said ''grabe'' i meant to say ''grab" sorry



    A.K.A Rafael
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    Default Re: Got 2 years in the game. and now got depressed over a girl :(

    First off I really don't think you should beat yourself up. You're game with her was very good and there was no way you could've known that you only had one chance to kiss. Believe me when I say that even experts know that some things are just out of your hands.

    Although I do think you should have kissed her when you had the chance, I get a strange feeling that if you did, she would still go to the other guy. Not entirely sure why, but that's my thoughts. Which would've confused you more about her not going to the bus with you.

    I do think there was something else going on. Maybe she had a history with the guy or maybe there was something missing from your game other than the kiss. Or she could just be the type of woman I call a Firefly. These women are easily distracted by the brightest light and need constant stimulation so that you are always the brightest light to her.

    If it was your game then maybe you should have qualified her. This would've solidified the attraction you have for her in her mind. But again, your game was good and I've gotten makeouts without having to qualify a woman. I think that you did all you could so the rest was up to her. Trust me when I say that you can't get them all.

    P.S. There is a secret to dancing that I use that pretty much guarantees a kiss as long as she is mildly interested. And that's incorporating push/pull in my dancing. I will dance really close, like I am about to kiss her, then back away completely. Or push her away and wave my finger at her like I'm saying "I know what your trying to do and you are trouble missy." Sometimes I'll back away and exhale a hugfe breath like I just came up for air from being underwater. This builds up the Tension between us. I've had women tell me later how frustrated they got when I backed away and they hate when I do that. Then I will just look at them and say "Good....that's what it's suppose to do." Because I want them to hate when I am NOT touching them and love me when I AM touching them.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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    Default Re: Got 2 years in the game. and now got depressed over a girl :(

    i got 4 hours of sleep now and I feel a little better . and then felt even better in a weird way. when i sat down in front of the computer and i saw you answer. I just needed a opinion and I did not know. I've been bitter for a week now. not being able to talk to anybody about that day.

    I just needed some sort of relief. and opinion. Batman thanks bro u are right i should not beat my self up for her. she is not doing the same for me.probably she will remember me just as a guy who lost his wallet and cellphone on that concert.i was planning in moving back to DR just cause of her lol. i going to try to keep it together now. and I going to send you my next field report. thanks batman you were very honest with me!


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