Hello gentlemen.

I'm Rook. I'm brand new to the game, and I'm learning everything that I can glean from reading books and posts on the subject.

A little background. I'm 34, Hispanic and Spaniard, salesman, raised in Puerto Rico and The Bronx, New York. No accent.

I split up with my girlfriend of 13 years, the mother of my two children, about 2 years ago. Before that, I didn't go out much (if ever) because she was really jealous. I got involved with her when I was only 17, so my experience with women during my late teens and twenties pretty much consisted of that ONE relationship. Unbeknownst to me, she was cheating on me pretty regularly. Long story short: I found out one too many times, we separated, and I've been seeing other people ever since.

I have been extremely lucky with women. I'm not sure why... I mean, I'm average-looking at my best, and downright rugged at my worst. I'm short (5'7"ish). I'm a little overweight right now (after-effects of Prednisone, long story). My income is all over the place. And I don't think I'm particularly charming. On a positive note, I do have a little bit of charisma, which I attribute to the fact that I'm in sales. So, it's my job to build rapport with people.

I'm here because I want to get my game to a level where I can meet and retain 10s. Now, I'm not talking PHYSICAL 10s (although hell, I certainly wouldn't mind having THAT problem). I mean PERSONALITY 10s. Physically, I tend to be attracted to just above-average looking women. But to me, personality counts for A LOT. And I've noticed that MOST of the women I've met are just... Not my cup of tea, in terms of personality.

At any rate, I figure I'll know her when I meet her, and I'm in no rushto get back into a relationship. In the meantime, I find it REALLY fun, and even therapeutic to socialize, and that's what I've been doing over the past few years. I've had a few girlfriends, and more sex than I ever did in the past, even when I was in my LTR. But I LOVE social attention, and I want to take that to the next level. I want to become a social animal.

So. Here I am. I'd like to meet up with guys that wouldn't mind mentoring an older dude whose social skills have dulled somewhat over the years. I'm ready, eager, and more than willing to soak up all the knowledge and experience I can. And I think I can be a really good wing, given the chance.

I typically hang out near Bowery or the East Village. I even have a little spot where I'm considered a regular... But I'm ALWAYS in NYC due to logistical reasons. That said, I definitely want to broaden my horizons. So, anyone interested in sarging with a new guy and showing him the ropes, definitely hit me up!