Hey all,

A friend of mine suggested I check this site after talking to him about my problem.. I don't have any issues approaching women in person, I've had plenty of successes in social environments. I have pretty high standards as well, I've never woken up regretting the decisions I made the previous night.

I'm having a problem mostly because of the situation I'm in now: I recently moved to an area where there are far fewer options to meet people, and my job takes up a lot of my time (50+hrs/wk) so I've resorted to online dating. I've sent over 50 emails over the last nine weeks and so far I've received four responses. I met with three of those four (and I was the one who decided I'm not interested, mostly because of false info/old pictures/etc), so the issue seems to be with either my profile or my opening message.

I've read suggestions made by various dating sites but those are vague and very similiar:
-Be specific: I always do that. For example, I wrote a girl who loves baking that this isn't a copy/pasted cookie-cutter message
-Be funny: pretty sure that's not the problem (see previous bullet)
-Be sincere: don't think that's the problem
-Post good pictures: That may be part of it, I don't have a lot of pictures of myself..

Anyway I'll provide more details if needed, and I appreciate any (constructive) input you guys may have!

Also, I know this isn't very PUA-ish, but I'm not looking to just get laid. I'd rather meet someone I can have a relationship with, but the first step is the same: need to meet more people.