What's up players I was on here before as "serialkiller" but forgot my password lol. So I had posted a few things on direct day game on college campuses a year or 2 ago. Basicallly I was feeling restless with my life and had a lot of free time so I started going out by myself or with one of my non pu friends at the time that just liked watching me make a dick out of myself as I learned the game all on my own lol. I was going to malls at first but came to the realization after some time that I needed to go to college campuses where I could gain rapport easier.. So I did that for a while (search posts by serialkiller) but I had to take a break because I was becoming known at one particular campus (a LARGE campus lol) and it was just getting weird. I was getting a lot of numbers (127 yes I counted) - about half from campus the other half online dating. 90% of that flaked on the phone and basically I fucked 7 or 8 of them, 8s and 9s with maybe a few 7s thrown in there. I know plenty of guys would be happy with banging 7 or 8 hot girls a year.. But it was A LOT of work and I decided not worth the hassle. It was frustrating I am impatient and all these text games and shit is annoying and childish to me. I'm the kind of guy to pick up a phone, call and setup a date. So anyways I'm rambling a bit but here I am again out in the field, this time wanting to refine my direct day game and also get more experience working with a wing doing bars and clubs. I'll be swapping hot tips on the boards and if your in San Diego hmu.

Jack M.