Wudddupp people!

I am 300 pages into The Game written by the well known Neil Strauss and i feel that it is time to take my first step towards becoming a PUA. So let me give you guys the run down on myself. Im 22 years old, a pretty chill dude and have really bad luck with girls.. not bad luck as is never ever getting any, but bad luck as in always getting the girls i dont give a shit about.

There has been multiple times i have went out and left the bar with a girl... but the problem is that i never leave with the one i really want.. i would go up to the one i want, get shot down and fall back at whatever chick i can get above a 5.

here's one of my problems, i get some attractive girls but because its not the one i really want, i fuck up on the second stage, i either find something wrong with them or i just dont bother to text or call them back.. i hardly make it past the second date.

sometimes when im on a date with a girl i dont really want to have sex with, i think of it as a training simulation, i use whatever game i have, same goes for hitting on not so hot girls in the club. The problem is i feel like im wasting it on girls i dont really want.

Here's the thing, after reading Neil Strauss's The Game i've realized that i go up to girls and just wing it from the get go (sometimes this works really well and sometimes it fails), i have no real plan or routine. so i need to start by establishing a routine of some sort to begin the process of becoming a PUA.

I have confidence, i can play the role of the Alpha (still a working progress) but i have problems soberly approaching a really hot girl, i know this is a hill i have to get over and i'm here to Learn.

So basically i've Joined this Community to learn from the best, to help others with my experiences and whatever knowledge i can dish out.. and to walk into a room and leave with the girl i want.

ive had some pretty cool experiences with girls, some i would love to post up here, analyze, break down and discuss. Also i would love it if someone can jump start me by providing me with a good pick up routine that would work well on picking up outside of a club, like a Mall or something.. Thanks.

P.S do people from this site actually meet up and go sarging just like it was portrayed in Neil Strauss's book, or is this just an online thing??