I'm Pete and I'm excited to increase my involvement in the PUA industry with the impending launch of Upperlane.com - a platform specifically designed for dating and pick-up coaches to create and sell online courses.

When I began studying this subject roughly 4 years ago, I quickly became frustrated with the distribution methods almost all coaches were using. The content was available either through an e-book or a physical DVD. Similarly, it was often difficult to determine which product I should buy, given the limited information available. I hope to change this with Upperlane.com.

Upperlane.com provides an online distribution channel for such material and will bring transparency to the quality of offering through student ratings and reviews. We plan to launch in the next couple of days, so be sure to sign up to be notified of our launch. If you're a coach, we'd also love to include a course from you. Feel free to shoot me a message through the forum itself.