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    Default The new guy, just saying hello.

    Hi, I'm a very shy guy and a virgin (age 24), I never even kissed a girl.

    How did this happen? Well, I was a normal kid when I grew up, happy and spontaneous, but then I moved to another school and place (around my 8th year or so) and I fell out of place.
    Moving to high-school I became, what you could classify as a nerd, adopting that perspective, girls were out of the question for me and I became more and more socially isolated.
    I also lost touch with people of the same age as me, as in, I became socially awkward.
    Eventually I changed myself a bit, got contacts instead of glasses, started being "cool" in my own awkward way and moved to different schools couple of times (I was kind of troublesome).
    This lead to more female attention and there have been girls I liked that fancied me, but I just was/am so damn unable to say anything useful or take a next step that I never took it anywhere.
    Now I don't go to school anymore and because I don't really like going out or have popular friends chances that I will meet a nice girl that I like will be even more slim let alone that I would be able to date her..

    IF I don't do anything and not take action, which I guess is why I came here.
    I really hope someday I'll be able to pick up nice girls and be sociable and entertaining, from the bit of posts I skimmed you guys seem a really nice community and I hope with the help of you I'll be able to reach my stated goals.

    Currently I'm working on my social anxiety and getting my body in shape, I know that's not a prerequisite parse, but it might help me with my confidence at first.
    So I'm not really prepared to dive into this world just yet, but I most likely will be hanging around a bit and eventually take the step and make this a serious enterprise.

    I also wonder if there are other people like me and who succeeded and what they think of it?
    For me, dating a hot girl, is about as good as it gets, there are really few things I want more then to be in mutual love with a hot girl. But I also read/heard that really it ain't that special and it won't make you happy for ever.
    So I wonder what your opinions are on that, some say "see Naples and die" for me it's like "after a successful date with a hot-girl I can die peacefully", but I suspect I might overstate the awesomeness of the whole deal, seeing how I've wanted to that from about 13 years onward and never had it yet, so my desires are driven to an extreme.

    Well, one more thing coming to think of it, I'm really liking my semi-psychiatrist (she helps me with my social anxiety, but she did not study psychology).
    I guess it's pretty cliché to fall in love with your psychiatrist, but what can I say?
    A friend also told me, because she is the only (remotely available) woman I talk to, that I like her. And I guess he has a point.
    But what I'm wondering is, are there any good techniques that I can utilize in this delicate situation? And how can I tell whether she is into me as well or not?
    I think she might be, but I'm the absolute contrary of a woman expert.
    I seriously considered just being blank about it, coming out and saying I like her, but besides that I don't have the guts, so far, to say that, it might also turn into a really awkward situation.
    For out next meeting, she asked me to think of ways that I could find a girlfriend, so the topic is close to where I want to be, is there any way I can use this fact to my advantage? Slip in some hints or anything?

    It feels good to join this community, hope I didn't make too much of a fool of myself in this opening post and talk to you later maybe!

    I'm new and hoping to get laid before I turn 30 . Also some vague talk about what was on my mind.

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    Default Re: The new guy, just saying hello.

    I get your story it's not to different from mine or anybody elses around. If your here its because you want to succeed that being said read all of the material openmindedly, there are books recommended in this website that will help you considerably. Become more active on the forum and in real life. Its no going be easy but if you work at it you'll get it.
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