Well, it is almost midnight in my country now and I am now going to bed but I definitively want to share a little about myself with you guys!

As I mentioned, I am from Costa Rica, a small country in Central America well known for its natural beauties and yes...its women.

I have been in the seduction community for around 3 years, but I have to say that I am trying to get back on track since I gave up reading and practicing for many reasons I donīt know how to explain now.

Honestly, This is the first time I enter into the non-spanish PUA community, and I really want to excuse myself if my english is not that good lol.

I am a lover of lifeīs pleasures, and I am also very excited about learning new things from more experienced people. I am a true believer that the best way become a master is learnings from all those who are more advanced than me. Yet I would not describe myself as an AFC, I have to admit that I have not reached the point of perfection in my interaction with women, and well, that is why I am here gentlemen! Thank you very much for the opportunity!!