Hello, I just started reading "The Game" and I'm already half-way through. It's inspired me to start a new approach towards meeting women. However, admittedly I have some reservations, the first of which regards my height. So I'm coming to puaforums for some advice, and hopefully some support too!

Quick info: I'm an investment professional in my late twenties living in NYC. I'm very short in stature (5'2" - 5'3", 5'3" on a good day ), and my ethnicity is South Asian.

My record with women has certainly been nothing to brag about. I've been with about 7 women so far in LIFE. I think most of the girls I've been with have ranged from ok (like a 5) to decently attractive (maybe an 8+? I dunno...) 3 of these have been longer-term relationships (from shortest being 7 months to longest being 2.5 years, and these 3 were at the higher end of the aforementioned looks-spectrum).

I just broke up with my last girlfriend (was with her for over a year). It was a really tumultuous and exhausting relationship. I was completely in love with her and wanted to marry her, but she had emotional baggage that was just too much to deal with, and it was starting to affect my career, as well as family/friends.

Fortunately however, after reading through "The Game", these forums, articles on NLP, etc I'm now inspired to better understand how attraction works, and learn how I can leverage this to meet more women, DESPITE my stature.

General confidence: I've been generally confident in social groups, both at school (student council president in HS, same type of stuff in college) and at work. I've never had issues with making friends or being social. I usually joke around with friends that I haven't been bullied nearly as much as I deserve to have been throughout life In all seriousness though, I'm usually not one to complain about life.

However, my confidence disappears with regards to women; and lately especially (maybe it's because of this last relationship). I think I could be OK looking sans height, although I def don't think I've been my best self, at least for awhile (stopped working out, etc). But height still bothers me, and I know it keeps me from successfully approaching as many women as I'd like to. I don't want this to limit me any longer, especially while living in NYC (no dearth of women here, of all kinds). So now I'd like to work towards fixing this issue and getting over my height reservations.

My goal with women however is still the same: I want to meet a wonderful woman to share the rest of my life with, eventually. But I don't want to settle, I want to empower myself to meet as many women as possible so that when I do find the "one", I'll be more certain of myself and of her.

Would love any tips or advice on figuring out how to get past this height issue and where I should start, especially from others who have personally dealt with it in the past. I don't care about JUST meeting the "best looking" women, I'd like to meet a wide variety, as many as possible. I know this can't be insurmountable, as nothing is in life, so I just need to optimize the path towards a solution.

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to interacting more with all of you.