I used to be a natural. But everyone here probably knows college dorms operate on a different set of rules than the real world, so I almost never needed an opener. My closing game is great and once I get past a certain point it's basically autopilot once I kiss-close.

The problem is my opening is non-existent when there's no drinking games involved (which by law there almost never are in the clubs here). Relying on that as a crutch while living in the dorms has handicapped me now that I'm out.

I'm a fairly good-looking guy, so if i somehow make it past the opening I've had a lot of success with an MPB strategy where I'll be oblivious to a girl's advance (sometimes genuinely), than lock-in on the last SOI and go in for the kiss-close.(My only two 10's were with that strategy)

Just got out of a relationship with a SHB who was my former boss/lingerie model. She initiated everything so i can take very little credit for it.

So that's the gist of it. Really need to get over the openers (or attract if using MM)