Greetings to all of you!

My name is Martin (19) and I live/study/work in the Netherlands.

I have lived in London for 7 months and went out quite a lot. I always went together with a mate who knew what he was doing and he got lucky almost every night. I have seen him doing some great stuff and sometimes I just wanted to have the same skills he has.

Now I think it's my time to shine and therefore I have signed up here to learn from you guys as well as I share my experiences with you.

My problem with girls is that without a lot of alcohol I can't just randomly talk to this amazing girl in a club. Once in a while I "get crazy" and do well with a girl. When the moment is there to kiss her, or to take her home (or at least a different venue), I creep the hell out and I feel like sh1tt.

Let's see if I can get rid of the fears and become the person I want to be!

Wanna know more? PM!

Nice 2 meet you all.