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    Default Hey, problem with height

    I'm not very new to the game, as I read a lot about it in the past and practiced some of it when the opportunity came.
    I know much about limiting beliefs and I have overcome much of my earlier problems in life such as extreme shyness and introvertedness, although it's never completely over.
    Anyway, many would tell me height problems is also a limiting belief just like everything else. I'd like to look at this problem in a different light. The fact is that it is hard to be alpha near other guys who are significantly taller than you. Let's be honest, most girls are also taller than me. I'm on a different range. I'm about 5'2".
    I know clubs are not the zone for me to befall to pick up chicks.
    I also know that there is a very limited variety for me as most chicks are taller (this is below average for girls).
    So this is something I can't change at my age (25) and that's what I have. I work on other stuff and it seems to improve my rep, but doesn't give me much advantage as being a "physically dominant" male is so significant in the game.
    Tell me what you think, I would like to hear your genuine thoughts on the matter, and please don't give that midget famous PUA as an example.

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    Default Re: Hey, problem with height

    Some things have nothing to do with belief - the fact is many women do not want to look down to a guy and will naturally look for someone taller. I suggest only targeting shorter girls or Asian cuties and who cares if other guys are taller. Maybe they will be 'too tall' for the girls you are trying to target. Work to your strengths but be realistic. I know plenty of short guys that are intimidating - usually because they are smart and cunning. You don't have out alpha your group with fake dominance but you can get into a lot of chicks pants if you have no fear and choose your targets wisely.

    I'd like to be able to tell you 'oh just compensate by being funny or being cocky' or whatever but height is a serious consideration for women. It's not a problem per se, it's an opportunity to get the short cute chicks out there that other guys overlook.

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