Hi guys, ive been a lurker on this site for a little while and thought it was finally time to join in and start posting.

i'll start off by saying mainly my goals right now is to meet women when I go out, maybe get some numbers and take it from there. ive been in a slump for the last 2 years since I graduated college...

I never really had much "confidence" or "game" so to speak but being in college it was easy to meet girls, and girls seemed to like me so I never really had to use "game" to meet them

now that i'm in the working world, I dont know many girls and i'm almost forced to have to go out and "work" for it..but when I go to the bar I almost dont know what to do..

1. i see a girl/group of girls but I dont know how to approach. so ill wait and by that time the opportunity passes.

2. If I approach I have a hard time bringing it further/creating interest

I'm ready to change which is the first step, and hopefully this site/you guys can help me along the way