My name is Andrian. I'm 20 year's old . Ever since i remember i've been bad whit girl i mean i mostly end up at friendzone . My biggest problem is that i am shy and cant open or make any conversation cant make a girl intrested in me .Growing up i dont had any role model to look up to for adivice's about women( that's probaly 1 of the reasons i am bad at this i never learned it ..) I look to improve myself and improve my life i am a outoing guy when it come to talking to stranger's but not whit girl's no idea why . I have 2 friends who can be counted as PUA's they can have every girl they want and girls want them . But they dont want to help me ( they say me be yourself and will be ok . After i started reading afew week's back those forum's and some other stuff i found out that i was going a complatly wrong way i read about stuff like body language, confidance and more. Hope you can help me change myself to a better not shy me)

- Sorry for the bad English. It's not my main language . : )