A quick introduction, I have the common story for most PUA noobs, I am not long out a relationship and need to turn AFC to PUA

In a relationship for 11 months, really liked this HB8, on off a few times and i turned to normal AFC behavior far too much "nice guy" and more i pushed she pulled away, went NC for 3 weeks until she initiated contact, sh!t tests and looking for an emotional tampon, i was playing push/ pull until it hit me last week i'm not even interested! Quote which made me see this was "I'm the prize"! Cut contact or more very much hinted at it several times anyway thats more than enough about her

Im slightly above average looking but very aerobically fit man, started out with Gary Brosky advice, onto Blueprint decoded and PUA Forums recently, i have taken alot of advice and tips and excited about testing them in the field! Taking "The Game" slowly as trying to avoid information overload.

Im on POF and have had few dates in last couple of weeks, K close one F close another but never found any of these women worth much LTR, especially F close she drove to my house 3 times over 40 mins away and never even took her out on a date hahahaha, cancelled twice on her i'm not her favorite person in the slightest any longer

Im out sarging Sat night and i have a wedding next Friday, Can honestly say i am very much looking forward to testing new skills in the field

New PUA looking to live, learn and get results!!

Anybody in Fife, Edinburgh area looking for a night of Sarging let me know

"Let the Game begin"!!