Just joined the community, here's my intro. I was raised in a crazy religious house and wasn't allowed to touch women growing up. I renounced my faith in my late teens and set out to slake my massive lust for women. Problem was, I had no idea what to do.

First time I ever approached a woman was when I was around 19. Sat down next to a really hot girl in Washington Square Park. She was reading some book so, although I had no idea how it was "done," I figured I'd have an easy opener because I love to read. I could tell from her body language that she was waiting for me to talk to her, and so I did. We chatted for a while, and, much to my surprise, before we ended she said, "aren't you gonna ask me for my number?" I was confused and thought I'd done something wrong. She could tell and said, "lemme give you my email address."

I couldn't believe it. Is it really this easy, I thought? But I had no idea what to do with her contact info. I assumed girls want a loyal, dependable guy who's there for them and emailed her the instant I got home. One or two more desperate emails followed, with predictable results.

But it was a cool first encounter, though it didn't end up going the way I wanted.

Shortly after I went to NYU London, study abroad semester sophomore year. It was very exciting for me because it was my first opportunity to leave my sheltered home and see ďthe real world.Ē

It was a disaster. My biggest source of grief was this girl I met called Claire. We really hit it off and she was totally into me. I thought we were gonna go out and all would be well. But then I gave myself away one night when we went out to a bar with a bunch of people and started hitting on her hard. She didnít like it and refused to talk to me again.

But when I returned to New York, I finally succeeded with a beautiful woman. I had a job for a while, as I was on leave from NYU, and thatís where we met. She was much older than me, which was a challenge, but I totally seduced her and got her to fall in love with me. (Itís still not clear to me why I succeeded with her and nobody else). Nevertheless, like so many men, once I had her I couldnít leave. Who knew when the next opportunity would come? So, for this and many other reasons which I wonít get into here, I stayed with her for four years. Sheís a special woman and made me feel special. But I was never happy with her. I wanted to explore other women. But I couldnít do it.

I broke up with her a few months ago and am now on the hunt.
Let me state it plainly. People tell me all the time that Iím extremely good looking. I get asked if Iím an actor a good deal. But, as you all know, none of this really matters in the game. Thus far I have been unable to succeed with women. I have very specific tastes, so itís often hard for me to find someone Iím attracted to. But when I see someone I like and feel like I can handle the situation (i.e., as long as sheís not with a group of people or something really intimidating), I generally go for it. I am very confident (though I need to become even more confident) and a good conversationalist (after sucking in this realm for the first 20 plus years of my life)óIíve learned the key is just to have fun with the situation and enjoy it. I almost always get the girlís contact info. But it just never seems to actually happen. I suppose I manage to come off as desperate one way or another on the follow up.

Itís easy to despair, especially because I have an unusually strong sex drive. But Iíve recently started to look into the PUA community, and I love what I see. Iím more than half way through Styleís The Game, and itís a revelation. I find his story, and most PUAís stories for that matter, inspiring. If he could do it, so can I. Perhaps equally important is the sense of community. You guys have done it, and I want in.

Iím here to learn and make friends. Weíre all in this together. I live in Midtown West in NYC, and Iíd love to go sargin with people. I want to see how itís done, and I want to have fun with cool dudes while we pick up hot girls. So whoís with me?