Just wanted to introduce myself. New to the PUA community (or at least these forums), but have been using pandora's box which I have found to be absolutely amazing.

A bit on my background, I wasn't always the most popular guy around, always a bit of a loner or more specifically a guy who hung out with a lot of different groups (few good friends, many acquaintances). I wasn't always the best with women either, never paid a lot of attention to my own appearance and definitely didnt have the confidence.

Over the past decade or so however, I've really transformed myself as a person. I have excelled in my young career, turned some acquaintances from high school into some really good friends, and positioned myself as an alpha. I get a lot of attention from girls now due to my laid-back and humorous demeanor as well as my confidence. I have recently positioned myself as a bit of a rebound guy. My female friends hook me up with their friends who are just coming out of bad breakups, and I show them a good time and make them feel better about themselves. We have a lot of fun, but then I find myself getting interested and they bolt. I'm not overly dissatisfied by it, most of the time I'm just looking to make a girl feel special and have some fun of my own as I am busy with my worklife as well, but a couple of times now I've let some quality girls slip away.

I'm looking forward to learning more of the theories of attraction used by the PUA community to see how they compare with what has been working for me, and taking it to the next level personally.