Okay. Long distance (only 2hrs). Been on 4-5dates. She has liked me for over 3 years but has gone through 2-3 other guys in that time, one of which she engaged and after that f'd up she came for me for good this time, though shes been trapped in depression and weight issues ever since.

I decided to play the ignore game over this weekend...i didnt do sh1t i was just busy and thinking she was losing interest but she texted me finally yesterday...three texts:

"hey strangerrr!"
"slyboots*....di d something happen to your phone??"
"are you ignoring me on purpose... :/"

Then again this morning:


And again this afternoon:

"slyboots* i miss youuu! I hope everything is okayy..get back to me!"

What do I do considering I unbelievably foolishly sent her a love letter that will arrive tomorrow to her saying i lost my phone and ive been thinking of her and care about her so much and blah blah blah and that when I get y phone back from asking my friend to ask HER friend to see if SHE has it that ill text her for sure.

I think that its a good thing I made it seem like my phone was a) lost b) in possession of a girl whos a friend of friend that is also a girl.

Also Im moving in with 2 complete strangers in a few weeks, both girls ...a rash decision in lue of me thinking she qas going to be disinterested for good this time ( i wanted to change my life a bit and just meet some new women..what better way than to live with two decent looking college girls).

What I would like to know is, how do I keep her wanting to prove herself to me now that Ive f'd up and sent that letter just when I had her worrying and thinking she messed something up?

Im sick of not beig able to see her when she knows damn well and even admits to having a boring life and doesnt do sh1t besides work then watch tv with her bro and sis in law and get fatter, yet somehow every week theres enough for her to do on the weekend to avoid me being able to come see her.

I want it so shes Texting me almost every saturday or sunday morning saying please come see me today I want you here right now.

I almost had control again but I sent that mushy letter today and now shes going to feel like she was silly for ever thinking she wasnt in control anymore which she clearly doubted for a bit in the past few days.

What to doooo? Keep in mind I actually do want to be with this girl in the future and see her through her depression and weight issues and hopefully find a way to get her to either come stay with me for a night or us rent a room up there or something because the Tension has become too much, everytime it gets close to that I mess it up and she kind of pushes away but she even says herself she knows alot would go down if we had an evening alone.

How do I get that to happen?

And if you read all this you are a god amongst impatient unfriendly internet users, thanks for any help ciaooo