What's up Champs,

I'm here because I choose to be a REBEL. I choose to exercise intense realism now, and since I made this decision, I've realized that the "American Dream" that I was told I should be grateful for isn't congruent with what I choose to value.

I decided to join this forum because most of my "friends" choose to live a lie, and I no longer choose to. As a result, I want to associate with other men who have a similar set of values as me.

I'm local to Los Angeles (Inglewood, CA specifically) and eager to meet other aspiring masters of the game.

I'm looking forward to learning a lot and making valuable contributions to this forum.

Although I can't say that I've had difficulties meeting women, I'm at a place of evolution in my life where I want to take myself and my game to an cosmically charged level.

Let's make it happen Champs.

Holla at cha boy!