Hi everyone! My Name is Fly-By. I'm from Switzerland and grew up in a small town and went to highschool there. Until I got out of that one, I never really had lots of experience with women. Then I started to work as a bartender and started to become used to nightlife. Allthough I met some nice girls through my job, I seldomly got a Number Close or even sex. My problem WAS that I almost behaved like the nice guy. Since I listened to Neils Strauss' "The Game" I decided to change my personality and become a PUA. In a few months I start working as a Flight Attendant so I can imagine that this kind of lifestyle would just fit perfectly to my job. During the last few days I had myself a little "Beta-Test" in which I trie out several techniques explained in the book. It worked out pretty good and since I never was really shy, I even gpot a number from a brunette HB8.5 the day before.
However, my ACTUAL problem I guess is that it never gets any further than this number close. So far I could never persuade a woman to have sex with me at the very same night and all the calls I made upon the numbers never turned out to become a successfull D2. So I'm hoping to find some good advice here in this forum. And hey! I'm always on for a sarge in on of my future airline destinations!

So enjoy your day and keep fresh! And always remember:

"The plaque for the alternates is down in the ladies room"

Sincerely, Fly-By