Greetings everyone! I'm from Asia, late 20s. Read The Game, browsed through Rules of The Game, but nothing much else. It just happens that in all that I do in life, I hate scripts. I hate routines, and I hate memorising stuff. That's the main reason I've never tried to do any of this PU stuff.

On the other hand, I can absolutely see how this stuff is grounded in so much truth and social theory. The parts I like especially are the dhv and social proof. I love how girls just seem to flock to you once they see that you're having lots of fun.

I did just that to a girl in HK recently. Managed to pull her away from the bar we were at, with a bunch of her friends. Unfortunately, failed to seal the deal. Got her number, and she's in touch, and texting things like "celebrating christmas together". I don't know if i'm spooked or excited

A bit of a ramble, but just saying hi. Wanna read more of the good stuff, and hopefully will have some awesome stories to tell soon