I'll get the intro over with then give my situation.

My name is Heat and has been for the last fifteen years. I wear it proudly. I have even been able to F-close in one night simply through reputation. That being said I'm not gonna blow smoke up your ass. I have had some amassing luck in my time, but it was done blindly. I am here for a reason. That much should be apparent. At 30 years old I find myself teetering into AFC. It was only by pure fluke that I came across this community and lifestyle. I've never really had issues dealing with people or women in general just certain aspects. I have always been able to befriend almost anyone I want flawlessly. Since I can remember I have always been in the company of beautiful women and I love getting there attention. I have been lucky for the most part in that most of my interactions found me. After a number of average relationships I found myself in a very-long very committed relationship. It did end, and somewhat surprisingly aswell. I'm still left in the dark with much of it. After this the roller-coaster of wanting and not wanting started. Any time I was actually looking I got nothing, even beer goggle beauties said no. Haha and when I wasn't looking at all I got some satisfactory attention.

The problem is, I have is I have never gotten the girl I want. In days past it seemed to all be going well and some other girl would swoop in and do fantastic things to win me over. I still keep many of thous memories in the bank. I wish it was still like that and then I could simply shut down the assasins. Sadly this is not my reality anymore. I have spent the better part of two years read books, listened to tapes and videos... Nothing seemed to sink in at all.

One night I decided I wanted to read for enjoyment. Not something I do ever. In fact I have only read 3 books to completion in my life, until now. As a teen there was one book I read cover to cover in two days and read again, and again. Until one day I lent it to a friend and have never seen it again. That book was "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell". So I looked up the author to see if he had any other material. I'm sure many of you know were this is going. So long story short, I get it now! I understand the books and videos and all the other material that was just vague to me before. I see were my strengths are and more importantly, my weaknesses. So if I never say it again I say it now. THANK YOU to all of you out there who have taken the time to analyse, record, experiment, fail, succeed and inform. Its the givers that make this world good, not the takers.

Well I have tested some of what I've learned in the last two weeks and yes it seems to work. Congrats gentlemen.
Now my situation is this. Domgirl is not only my best friend. No no I haven't been played into the friend zone. I have always had a few great female friends who I have decided to keep friends. This situation is mutual, and is amazing. We talk completely openly like I would with a guy. Topics range from fashion and food to dirty sex and what got done the night before. Even thou most of my other friends and associates think we are just hiding it, there is nothing going on. I've heard this woman fart. Shes has changed her clothing in front of me, and no natural responses from the jewels.

Now there is nothing wrong with her she is a solid ten. Its impossible to go outwith her and not have some guy trying his best, but she's just not interested in men. I haven't told her about any of my new found info. I may or I may not. I have seen her work and its quite a spectacle but she has her sticking points and the hardest thing is, she is into straight women. Now that my confidence is back up and I'm armed with some good knowledge I can't think of a better wing than her. I'm just unsure exactly how to play with a wing of this type. Do I just go with it and play my game? Do I divulge what I've learned and provide her with the same info? Do we just make a simple game plan and go with it?