I am Mr Pink.

I am currently graduate student studying theoretical physics. I have never had severe troubles with women but, that being said, I have never excelled either. I suppose I will construct my physical appearance first and go from there.

I am 5'11'', Caucasian and, as I like to think, have a fairly attractive and distinguishable face, which consists of a well defined, somewhat chiseled, jaw, hazel eyes that are embedded in a slightly asymmetric pair of eyelids; that is, my left eyelid covers the eye just barely more than the right one, something that is probably undetectable unless someone really takes their time to inspect my face. I've never worked out which has rendered me thin and rather boyish in appearance.

Now to the reason for my being here:

I have always theorized possible approaches and outcomes with women but have seldom put my ideas into practice, since I am rather introverted and tend to go into infinite loops of over thinking situations. In short, I get nervous around women, attractive and unattractive alike. I have slept with 5 women, although 99% of my sex life was spent with my ex-girlfriend when I was an undergraduate. She was a bombshell, so I guess I was spoiled and never learned how to play the game.

Now, I am a physics graduate student, which means that, on an average day, I talk to 0 women. They are very underrepresented in theoretical physics and this gives rise to my alter ego: Mr Pink, the one man who managed to escape the dismal setup in Reservoir Dogs due to his remarkable ability to rationalize. In this sense, I am also escaping a predestined loneliness, or rather womanlessness, as I am in one of America's largest cities, and have the potential to leave my confines and head to an unexplored territory, both mentally and geographically. I like meeting strangers. It is always a defamiliarizing experience, one that never had to happen but did due to a strange escapist compulsion.

Briefly put, I have been consumed by reading and studying my whole life, and this has made me somewhat calloused and ever brooding over possibilities of elation and pleasure. I have missed out on a lot, and most of the times my loss is worth it since it is mirrored by a gain in an understanding of the natural world, but some losses are very dear and become causes for anxiety.

As a teenager, I thought almost solely about mathematics and women, and only excelled at one of my mental preoccupations. I am here to fix this.

Thank you for reading,

Mr. Pink