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Thread: Natural Ability needs fine tuning

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    Default Natural Ability needs fine tuning

    IM A VIRGIN and proud of it

    In my mind I don't wanna lose my virginity like so many others but rather Give it like a gift as u can only do this once...

    Does this mean I'm sexually inexperienced?... No
    Does this mean I'm any less of a PUA?...I don't think so.

    I decided to delve into this world by doing day game straight away seeing as many struggle with this area. I have natural ability and I've been doing alot of what the books and forums advise for years without realising they had names and terms... So if anything learning about this world has helped me fine tune my natural Game to a more structured one.

    I've always used my powers for good just to get phone numbers and make friends even get discounts in stores and free cinema tickets but since reading this info it was time for something different.

    Now normally I'd get a girls number and txt her over several days slowly getting to know her asking the occasional naughty q and getting the occasional sexy pic...

    My biggest achievement txt wise is meeting a girl the night b4 at a party, texting her the nxt morning and having phone sex immediately lol

    I've always been called a flirt even when I was at school and would have lots of fun and naughty convos. Often being the envy of other guys as girls would warm to me and touch me even get changed Infront of me which at school is a big deal if a fully developed 16 yr old with a Rack to die for is comfortable enough to take her top of and think nothing of it.

    That's where the problem lay though. I became like a gay best friend. I saw a world and side of girls no other guy could gain access to. Go bra shopping and invited into the dressing room to watch her try on outfits and give my opinion and it was really nice. I was getting a free strip show but as you may already know I was being friend zoned.

    Most of my relationships start off as really passionate and sexual then I get too emotionally involved we discuss private and personal things and I enter a zone that isn't lovers but BFF's. as I said it has its perks but can b sexually frustrating too to look but not touch to have this beauty Infront of you but having to dismiss all feeling and control myself because we're just friends.

    I do however have the advantage of knowing exactly what girls like and also how they think emotionally speaking and can easily get any girl to touch me and hug me but now my mission is to take that beyond a friendly or playful hug and to a more sexual one.

    So now I enter a new stage in my life. I've just turned 23 on 26th Oct I've had lots of Girl Friends but no GIRLFRIENDS. It's time for change and I'm hoping this site and this way of life has the answers

    I'm a very emotional and passionate guy. Poet even. I'm a musician and song writer. I produce songs for other people so I'm very good with words and know exactly what to say to sound cute and loveable but I've since realise whilst studying this PUA material that I'm the guy girls EVENTUALLY want. If I had a 1 for every time a girl has said 'I wish more guys were like you' I'd be a millionaire. They all want their BF's to be like me but they don't want me to be their BF lol So now I need to learn how to get a GF and then be what they want in a man.

    Look forward to learning and working with you all.

    Chappy ^_^

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    Default Re: Natural Ability needs fine tuning

    Success with women can be simplified into three traits:

    1. Cofidence
    2. Abudance
    3. The Ability to Sexually Escalate

    Being the gay best friend is a result of missing one of the three, and that is the ability (or in your case, the willingness) to sexually escalate.

    That's why you have this problem, so unless you change the incongruency of your methodology your issue will continue. Men don't like teases, and neither do women.

    I know because I used to have your problem. I was a good little Christian boy.

    Pick and choose your battles. Find out which is worth it.
    Wondering where I am now? Check out my latest project:

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