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Thread: First Night Out!!!!!

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    Default First Night Out!!!!!

    hello everyone i suck at talking about myself so bear with me....

    So tonight was my first night out after getting 1 about a quarter of the way through the book "The Game" and watching tons of online clips about openers, building repore, attraction and closing. I have to admit I was scared shitless and I had to get a drink at the bar I was at to lossin up. I totally mess up the entry walk into the bar but I did convey worth while hanging with some guys I had just met and with my body lanugage ( which I believe to be the strong part of what little game I do have. I am also really good a seeing IOIs. So what with little money I did have I got a rum and coke and played darts with the new buddies that I met, and still no balls to talk to any one! And there where tons of girls that were giving me the go with IOIs. So after downing the first rum and coke I go to get the second on and a BEAUTIFUL cully haired girl is looing at me from across the bar and giving me the hair and stare ioi. I show worth by not giving my front and even muster up the balls to give her my back. Then I grab my drink and Im back to my table. The guys I met tonight were very cool but by no means pickup artist now bold fashioned. I could tell from the stares that they would give any woman that was walking past. If it was a 10 or a 2. I got so bad that at one point a hefty girl walks past and on guy in the group says out loud after eye banging here..."Im wanna fu*K a fat chick I dont care". And right there I knew the value of the group was lowered....hey im think im staring to get it.....but any way..
    Some guy that was not in our group starts making out with a hot chick and I see it out of the corner of my eye and try not to look and seem to jealous but damn was I! The guys I had been shooting darts with on the other hand made absolutely no effort to turn away from the passonate kiss. But that was good for me to see cus it was my last straw. I starting to get tight and angry and took a drink.... It all was happening again.... the same thing that I don every night. Instead of seeing something I want and getting it I was just getting jealous that I did not have it and someone else did and start to drink the pain away.... so I put my drink down and walked over to the bathroom. On the way there I saw the cute curly brown haired girl with the awesome dimples. She was standing next to some big ass black dude so open the set!!!
    .....So what are you going to play next.......
    it all went well but i got scared when I start getting the IOIs so easily I have no idea why....I really really really need help with that ohh and spelling as you can sea...LOL but I had her all alone in a place we could talk neged her and got good iois....showed value with giving a reward then turning my back to her. But when I stepped back she followed and i just could not take it. She even asked for my name!! But it was to much stimuli for me right.... thats why I belled? I shook her had and it was a great grip!!! once again IOI but let it go and said it was nice metting you and let her start walking off as i turned away.. in a last ditch effort I took her hand again and said "I like to do this with all my friends i will curtsy if you bow." she shook her head no and that was it.

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    Default Re: First Night Out!!!!!

    Maybe I'm wrong here, but I think its pretty beta to curtsy, and bowing is really only socially accepted in Asia (don't quote me on that), and in theatre. Even though it might be a cute little game to play with toddlers or something, its or something I myself would use. A kiss on the cheek, though old fashioned, is a great use of Kino. Its a safe spot between shaking hands and going for a kiss on the lips, and in my experience I've found that a kiss on the cheek usually leads to the latter anyways.

    Congratulations on opening on your first night out though dude, its not easy for most guys to do at first, but a suppose a couple beverages does help. Try using the three second rule next time. It works great for a lot of people, most of the successful puas use it, or just try going for it without thinking. As long as you can open and handle being rejected from time to time, the rest will come in time.

    One thing though, and I may be completely wrong, but I don't think a tight grip is an ioi. Whenever I shake a girls hand, they are almost always gentle, and I prefer that. Light touching is more snesual. When I shake a girls hand what I look for is the look on her face, where her other hand is, and how she reacts when we lock eyes during the hand shake.

    Try not to get jealous, yeah sometimes it will help motivate you, but I prefer a clear head when I'm going to open a set, thats whyi don't drink until I'm already into the rapport stage, when it would be impolite not to and I don't need To keep thinking of how to keep the conversation going because it should be flowing smoothly by this point, and if not I've done something wrong or she's not interested.
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