Whats up everyone, this is my first post.

I will start by saying that I just finished reading pandora's box and Escalation Ladder and I have to say completely changed the way I pervieve women every time I leave the house now. I'm see T/J/I's, N/D/I's, ..... the woman cashier at the Valero...N/J/I !
Completley a new light and now seemingly new methodical way of interacting, especially if Im trying get something in return that is or isnt sex. I am at the end of a failing relationship that I think has run its course and was a little hesitant to going single up until a week ago.

I know theres other systom out there and want to learn these as well but PB is serving as a good foundation so far. I can see all the women of past, present, come into light as to why I failed, why others succeeded and how.