I'm here to get laid again. 2 month dry spell, longest in years for me, and I've given up all hope on life, lol. I feel like where I am I should be getting laid more than ever. I bought a baller downtown condo, got a sh1t ton of new, nice looking clothes,

I've been working out and looking good, I'm winning at sports, and pretty much everything else. I know I can get laid as I averaged like 3 girlfriends at a time for the last couple years.

I guess maybe my standards are higher now too, but I don't know. I want three girlfriends again. Hot, quality ones, and I feel like I should have them. I seem to have forgotten how to convince them of that though lol. The only girls I'm getting clear attraction from are married/dating people, and that's a bridge I'm not willing to cross. I doubt I'd get laid that much with them being with their significant other, I would not try to break up a couple and steal a girl because I'd feel so bad for the dude, and yet married/engaged girls are all over me lately... and single ones are ignoring me. I don't get it. Maybe I just have that player vibe now?

My game has always just been throwing sh1t at the wall and hoping it sticks with no rhyme, reason, or logic. I enjoy the spontaneity but maybe some structure would really help me out here.