Hi Dreyper here. This will be a quick report because the coffee shop I am in closes in 15 minutes.
All I have time to write is this: I number closed, kiss closed, and ....closed. Almost a threesome with two asian females (my choice not to...I have standards and one of the two didn't meet them). Anyway, it was this experience that led me to sign up here. Not books (though I read many), not peer persuasion, but an experience. It was at a coffee shop that phased to playing catch (random I know), that phased to a bar, that phased to my place for a movie, then a final transition to my bed. I am no expert. I want to meet experts. I am not here for anything other than to add to the experiences and memories that will comfort me as an old man, put out to pasture, basking in the warming knowledge of a man's youth well spent. In summation I did ok. Not great. In football terms: My offense wasn't great but I had decent D and no flags. Pulled off a win. I closed and I never saw either of them again.