Whats up everybody this is freestyle. AKA: Rafael Sued
I know that i dont come very often, but i want to discuss something with you guys .

Have you seen the guy who always agree with every word a woman says?, is that you?

them you should know those guys are not succesfull with woman.
and i going to tell you why!

I going to tell you why we do that. And why it shows low value.!

Most guys who do this, do it because they are trying to get her approval, or they are trying to not argue with her.

lets say. you like house music and she likes house music as well... cool

but lets say you like house music and she likes heavy metal.... interesting.

you stick to your music, she sticks with hers. and you tell her why you dont like her music. and why you love yours. u may argue, but believe it or not she is investing in you.

well while you are both arguing. she is asking herself who is this guy? why he does not like heavy metal like the others who try to talk to me!?

she is going to respect you because u stick to your music. and before attraction there has to be respect....

now if you both agree, there is no problem with that but think about it. when you agree with her you just agree with her and thats it. she does not invest in you.

but if you honestly agree with her, that is cool you can both talk about the same music a little bit, but the point is don't change your likes over her because them. she is the one who has more power...

Don't try to get her aproval, make her get yours.