Hey hey! I have been trolling these forums for a few weeks now and decided to break down and join. You guys look like a pretty solid community so hopefully I will leave with some knowledge.

A little back story on me. My name is Ryn (pronounced Ren), yes spelled like that, too. I don't know how the q got stuck in my username but oh well. I'm in a polyamorous relationship and married currently. For those of you who don't know what that is, it basically means I am not monogamous and have multiple partners who all know about each other. Honesty is my biggest policy though, which is where I run into issues trying to game.

I don't have any issues approaching and flirting with women, but when the topic of me being married comes up, they seem to get turned off QUICK. I'm hoping to meet some fellow poly's or people in similar situations and see how they handle that.

I am a good looking guy, I score over an 8 on hot or not consistently and have a very confident and funny personality (textbook ENTP on the Myers-Briggs). I don't consider myself a pua or pro by any means, hence why I am here to learn!

I am based in the metro Atlanta area, so if any of you locals care to meet up sometime, shoot me a pm (I think this forum has pm's anyway) and we will meet up. I am busy as hell; work, school, family, girlfriend, it takes it's toll, but if you want to get out and sarge I am usually down for it, especially if you're a pro who can show me some tips.

So anyway, I look forward to posting here and getting to know you all!