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    Default New in the game, anyone some confidence boost tips?

    hey guys!

    im new around here, and in the whole game of PUA. I'm 20 years old and live in Holland (so please ignore the bad grammer;p)

    Confidence is a Problem for me, i mean i've got some, but speaking to hot girls is still hard.

    I was wondering if you guys got any tips or tricks i can use to get my confidence up, or stuff that helped you out in the beginning.

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    Default Re: New in the game, anyone some confidence boost tips?

    Go out in public where there is noone you know and do something that wouldnt make people mad, but make a total idiot of yourself and you'll realise no one cares about what you do. For example, yell something strange or do a funny dance, you'll feel great after. Go up to hot girls and say something totally stupid like 'Do you like gummi bears?' or even weirder to stuff your fear of rejection. Finally, before approaching a hot girl, imagine her taking a massive stinky dump and realise that she's probably taking a big poop within the last couple of hours. She has a smelly sweaty vagina and she is as insecure, if not moreso, than the next person along. The world is a friendly place, and everyone has insecurities, bring out the best in people. Hope that helps.
    'Every action is measured by the depth of the sentiment from which it proceeds.' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Default Re: New in the game, anyone some confidence boost tips?

    Hey Runner, Hou Gaat Het? Goed? Graag Gedan lol

    welcome to the world..

    i will try and help you by giving you A few techniques i've developed... bear with me though because to truly overcome your lack of confidence you'll have to understand why these techniques work...

    and if you follow the routine i'll give to you it'll give you confidence

    Befriend the Men

    I personally started by talking to a guy at first to warm up.... the more people you talk to the easier it becomes

    whilst in a queue i'd say something obvious like

    "Its so cold man"
    "The queue is mad long"

    Then introduce yaself

    "Yo Im chappy by the way:

    Out of politeness he'll tell you his.

    Now you can ask them if they alone or meeting some mates
    Regardless of the answer tell them

    "Cool I'm meeting some girls i met here tonight... i'll introduce you to them later if i see ya"

    This Line will dhv to him because you are telling him that girls must like you...this may make him think twice about you like there is more to you then meets the eye (unless you Peacock lol)///

    Another way to befriend a guy is if you walk around the club/bar and pass a guy several times and you have both noticed this... just give him a nod that you acknowledge him eachtime you pass then as you pass by him more and more you and increase the level of a greeting you give to him

    Nod>>Wave>> Handshake>>High Five>>A Man Hug

    You only have to do this to a few guys (works with girls too) Then whenever you pass them in the club you just say hello and move on... it'll DVH to everyone appearing like you know loads of people and are popular.

    or go a step further and just acknowledge random guys as you pass that you don;t know to DVH to everyone else (They dont know you dont know him lol)

    Have you met routine Part I

    ///Once inside its easy. Figure out where abouts he is and look for girls near by...
    Grab a girl and say
    "Hey have you met my mate >>>>"

    then eject lol...

    To him you've brought over a beautiful girl so he is both grateful for the gift but impressed because you know her (Or so it seems mwahaha)

    To the girl It is a subtle neg because you have disqualified yaself - you introduced her to someone else you clearly aren't interested (OR So it seems mwhahahahaha)


    Later on you can swing back around ask him how he got on with her and he'll tell you good or bad what happened either way you have shown yaself to be a vaulable friend worth having because you can get him girls...

    in turn by him wanting to be your friend it gives you Higher Value you start to become a Leader Of Men which is attractive for women....

    so if you go out and make several guy mates and everytime you go out you can wander around the room and there will be someone you know that WILL say hello to you and be GLAD to see you - Your set

    they will give you confidence because they will start to idolise you and want to be near you.

    Now you must also do this with the Ladies

    As you start collecting Male friends you must also collect female friends

    Later Later on you can swing back around again and find that girl you introduced to ya (Unbeknownst to her "new") Friend.... and ask her how it went.

    She may tell you good or bad don;t matter... To Be Continued

    THE ANSWER - Legitimate Reason

    I'll get back to that....

    The Problem most of us have is lack of confidence Right?

    Why are we lacking this? Because we don't have a legitimate reason to talk to the girl.

    What do i mean by legitimate reason? Well its being able to speak to someone without the person thinking at any point "Why is this guy talking to me"\

    When you go to a restaurant and a waitress comes over to you and starts talking you don't suddenly go "Why is this person talking to me?" No of course not. Why? Because they have a legitimate reason which is to take your order

    Now imagine if you could approach a girl and covey you have a legitimate reason...

    thats what we are aiming for.

    How to create a Legitimate reason

    PUA's have come up with ways to combat this... An Opener is one

    An opener gives you a reason - your reason may be i need an opinion but the problem is its soooo random.

    imagine a stranger just walked up to you and said

    "hey i need a quick opinion on something... Why is the Sky blue?"

    Its a bit weird and definitely random... the only way these work is because its so random it catches them off guard and you do't give them enough time to process everything so they just answer ...

    You convey to her somehow that what you are saying is your reason for talking to her...

    Now that may be hard to follow. Basically you must believe that you have a legitimate reason to be talking to her .

    You could say " i saw you smile at me and i just had to make sure it was ME you were smiling at"
    See how much better that sounds?

    Your reason for talking to her - You saw her smile at you

    If she did smile at you... its a legitimate reason
    If she didn't smile at you its weird and random but may still work...

    In the other example i gave the reason you spoke to her was to ask her opinion...

    Have you met Routine Part II

    These are all good BUT... (Getting back on track) if you;ve introduced her to a guy then instantly eject two things go in your favour.

    1. (we already spoke about this one) you DVH to both her and to the person you introduced em to because both think you are friends with the other person (You follow?)

    2. You have a LEGITIMATE REASON to open her...

    you didnt stick around to see what happened so you now have a legitimate reason reason to talk to her.

    Long story Short

    If you successfully can

    1. Open a guy
    2. Befriend him
    3. Use the Have you Met Routine
    4. Reopen the Girl

    Then just following those steps will give you confidence

    hope that helps

    Chappy ^_^

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