So found this site while looking for tips and what not for my profile on POF a couple days ago. Havent had much luck there yet but dont care, never been good with meeting women or hell anyone new for that matter. After getting bored today decided id go out tonight and see if i could have some fun at the shit hole that is my loal pub after reading some posts on here mainly go out with the Mindset of having a fun night not to get laid, body language shit and the main one the I DONT CARE!!! post lol.
So started the night off with a run to a servo for doms just incase (wishfull thinking:P) started up a convo with the check out chic their not a normal thing and then hit the pub and sliped back into my normal mindset of being quiet and shit. By the second drink was like fuck it dont care and started dancing usually a 8 drink in thing and talking to random women/people. Had a pair offer to make out if i bought them yagger bombs said no woulda liked to of seen it tho. walked up to a few groups outside smoking sat down and just said entertain me in a cheeky way worked on some other just ignored me so i got up and left.
all in a better night than i have at the local i still need work