Hello guys, you can call me Mastermind . I am 18 and a virgin, but that does not bother me at all. I only kissed a girl once and nothing more and she was a 6 out of 10.

I am currently living in a foreign country known as Montenegro ( it used to be a part of Yugoslavia). I have been living there for 4 years now, I know how to speak the language but not that well,since I do not know the grammar. during those 4 years I liked many girls but I got rejected and sometimes I had chances but I blew them because I was a complete AFC who lost his confidence. I was frustrated, mainly they rejected me because I did not know the language well and I could not express my personality, also some of it might be linked to racism since they do not like a foreigner like me and I experienced a lot of racism. This is why I thought they rejected me, until I woke up to know that I am the creator of my own reality. I started reading old philosophies and hermetic teachings, I read many books on the human psyche, I knew i was the one who casts grief upon myself, I am my own victim. Every moment whether good or bad is an experience, we choose how to perceive it and feel about it. that is my belief, you can have yours. I took a spiritual journey of self discovery, I am extremely excited.

Then I came upon the game, it related to me. I got fascinated by real pick up artists by their persistence, by their presence , by their will to understand the human psyche. After that I grew some balls , I started approaching women to conquer my fear of rejection, I became sexual and direct with them, slowly I am beginning to do what is on my mind and seize the day as badboy said in one of his videos. I am ready to kiss a girl who I just get introduced to, I will kiss her in front of her friends , I do not care. I am not afraid to get beaten up by angry males reassuring their dominance, or get slapped and rejected by females. I am still in the beginning of all of this, and yes I still have fear , but I try to be all the above. I am new to the pua, I have been reading the game and watching videos here and there. But I will not let myself down, so I hope that you guide me so I can learn from you, and you can learn from me .