I am new to the site. Just read "the game", good book. I am 32, I'm going through a divorce and I am 4 months separated from my wife, (a legitiment HB 10 btw). Whom I have been with for almost 10 years. I feel like I am relearning everything here on dating and picking up women. In the 4 months of separation I have dated and hooked up with 4 women ( 3 HB7's and an 8) thus far. Currently still with 2 at the moment but patience with them is running out. That's okay I think, but I know with some better strategy and tactics it could be much better... I'm not to concerned about the quantity, I'm more going for quality.

Great site... I'll be looking forward to reading more stories and strategies. Thanks in advance and hopefully I'll have some of my own stories and advice to contribute soon! Its friday, 6:30 time to get ready to head out! Later