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    Default help with Girl who works at a bar

    sup! k so i posted then i had to log back in...then i lost everything. not the first time that happened. so ill keep it short pwr usual. dreyper here. have two posts. i need help number closing a ten. shes hot. super sexy. works at a bar i frequent. here's the catch, she's not a bartender. she serves the tables only. you probably already know that if youre alone, dont sit at a table. sit at the bar instead. i however am new in town. no friends no family. i usually go alone to watch football at the bar and chat it up with the locals. i have however spoken with her. she does recognize me. i have even picked up girls in front of her when she was my server a while back. lately i just see her at a distance. she's busy too. whats my move?

    also i need a wing. like i said, new in town. im confident and above average looking. i dress well. i learn fast. i can be an asset. anyone in the Pasadena Arcadia Monrovia duarte area hit me up.
    Last edited by Dreyper; 11-16-2012 at 10:54 PM. Reason: wanted to add why im limited to the bar area.
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