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    Default Newbie! Can't wait t get started!

    Just read The Game a couple of weeks back and oh boy! Was I hooked! Consequently, a frenzied search for PUA Forums on the world wide web led me here, so...Here I Am!

    Just a little background about myself - I'm from India and have recently arrived in Brisbane after acquiring a permanent resident visa. Girls have always been an enigma to me. Had a few lays now and then, but I consider it as pure luck instead of hard work.

    I have been in Brisbane for around 2 weeks now - I'm still finding it a little tough adjusting to the Ozzie accent . Don't get me wrong - I understand everything, it's just that I have to be really slow when I speak what's on my mind, else I get bombarded with a "Sorry! What was that again??!!"

    I like ot think of myself as an extremely easy going person. I've travelled a lot around the world and absorbed a little from everywhere I've been to. Ditto for Oz. I love the culture here and am looking forward to making new friends along the way. I'm willing to go down the long road to become an MPUA, and I can't wait to get started!

    If anyone is interested in learning and sharing knowledge on The Game, PM me

    Till Then.

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