Hello all! As the title says I am 28 years old and finally started to try and play the game.(not to old is it? )

Most of my adult life I have not cared(or acted not to care) about getting with a lot of woman. I always had a good amount of friends, been in a few relationships, but never had the desire to play the field. Only really wanted the "one" in my life.

Well, after recently losing a target that I REALLY liked because I didn't play it properly, I am stepping it up. Screw being the polite non-threatening guy all of the time now. I now see that to really get that one special girl, you need to know how to get all of the not so special ones too.(unless your just lucky, in which case I might as well just play the lottery)

I am very familiar with the club/bar scene. I have been going out/partying since I was 21. I run a local car club, and fairly well known around in the area. I don't know if this is a good thing because of my social proof or a bad thing because everyone already has made a judgement on how they think I am.

I have been reading a lot, on this forum and many others. I am in the process of reading "The Game" and "Mystery Method". I watch the Mystery Method 5 part video, which I am assuming takes stuff from the book.

I am currently working on some routines. Taking stories of my past and really figuring out ways to make them as interesting as they are while dhv. I refuse to make up anything about myself or my past. I am old enough where I think I can spin my true life stories to do what I want.

I feel my biggest areas I need to gain are Kino during the attraction phase and transition from comfort to seduction. In the past, I have spent way to much time in comfort, putting me into LJBF. The biggest thing with Kino is I feel uncomfortable doing it first, and when I am feeling uncomfortable I have a hard time reading girls. So I don't have a good idea how much discomfort/comfort they are.

I have some slight aa when cold approaching a 1 set or 2 set. Boy girl girl sets I feel confident in, because making buddy with guys is a piece of cake, to bad I wasn't gay right? Now if I can make this same connection with woman I would be golden! I guess that is the goal of this isn't it?