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    Default Lets get started.

    Hey, I'm Shawn. I live in Los Angeles. I've read quite a few threads before becoming a member, but I thought it was finally time to actually be part of the community.

    Well, I guess I better talk about myself and my personality

    How I was introduced into the PUA world
    I was first introduced into the Pickup world by Tom Leykis. He has a radio talk show program that advises from how to handle women, to how to handle your money and your life.

    Who I am
    I'm a very social guy. At least I like to think so. I have the ability to start a conversation with virtually anyone, and dive deep and talk about important, overwhelming topics with them. I can read body language well, and am good at helping people with their problems. I have leader qualities. BUt hey, you want to know about my ability with HB, am I right?

    The Problem
    I don't really know why this is- but something in my brain just doesn't work with women I'm attracted to. I occasionally freeze up and cant talk to them. I understand this is aa. However, I have ABSOLUTELY no problem with talking to random strangers on the street im not attracted to. I can easily start up conversations and befriend them without even thinking about it.

    With people I'm attracted to, I have to try hard to muster the courage. Its really awkward. And I've tried fixing my AA.

    Hold on. I'm not that incompetent with women. I can approach them. I usually use Opinion openers, since that's who I am. I'm good at hot reading. cold reading not so much, but I am practicing.

    Maintaining a stable conversation with women I am attracted to is a burden for me. I feel like when I talk, they lose interest. I'm good at "nouning", where you elaborate on subjects they mention. ie:
    Me "do you like sports?"
    Hb "Yeah I used to swim when I lived in london"
    Me Mention something about london or ask about it. Etc.

    I have never been successful in seducing a women strictly through attraction verbally. I feel like i don't have enough opportunities to play, but that is extremely wrong.

    However, I'm a master at parties (well, at my age, places where people dance). I'm great at approaching women on the dance floor, and escalating it to kissing, and even more.

    I know I'd be good with a relationship due to my caring, understanding personality and good soul. But I've been friend zoned and such way too many times. I guess that is my downfall.

    I'd say I'm pretty good looking, and I'm definitely funny and intelligent. Hah, I feel like i'm writing a brag sheet or a dating site resume or something. Anyways, that's who I am. Probably missed much information, but hey, you didn't come to PUA Forums to read about me, am I right?
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    Default Re: Lets get started.

    Hey welcome my friend. Don't let it bother you you'll get better. Practice makes perfect.

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