Hey all.

29 year old semi experienced PUA.

First time posting. Been a firm believer in PUArtistry or what I like to refer to as "the knowledge".

Read How to become an Alpha Male years ago. I refer to the following summer as the summer of Poohn. Wow. It worked. Scored a HB10 that moved in with me and took care of me for the next 3 years. She was ultimately young and restless, and not my speed.

I brushed up my craft and did the pandoras box system last year. Scored a HB8 who told me on date #5 she wanted to have kidz and get married in the next 2 years and wanted to know "where I was at with that". I think I replied "check please".

Spent the following winter again running through the local scene and a couple of tourists. It was ultimately self destructive behavior and I made some big changes. Got outta "the scene" changed friends and tried to make myself happy.

At a point right now I'd like to find a good one and settle in for the winter. Hoping to get some feed back and ideas off this site on my own experience now, but I'll post it in an appropriate thread.

See ya around.