Hey fellas, I'm new and currently residing at WA state Bremerton area. I'm in the military and with travel I want to improve my skills to game all kinds of women.

And I recently just found out that the stuff I was trying to study was getting out dated for some reason.

I'm Mr. inappropriate, and I guess i noticed I'm pretty brutal with negs that sometimes it gets me hard looks.

I guess I want to find the right style, It's very hard for me; and how could I say that?

I'm 5'2" and pretty much under 125lbs. I'm an average looking guy and I'm a hit or miss with ladies. Problem is, I like taller girls and that is just weird on every level. I also have ADD (self diagnosed) because in the middle of my game I'd stop, blank out and eventually say something completely different. believe me I'm working on it!

One good thing about me is I've recently gotten rid of my Approach Anxiety, it still comes and goes but so far I've been successful. (little shot of whiskey helps out with the game, not to get me too drunk). I'm also funny and I try to have fun and be enthusiastic.

I want to be able to WOW my friends on how I could approach girls with ease, they're all good looking and taller than me but then again I usually am the one who goes in first and I end up introducing them to the target's friends.

Cheers guys.