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    Default [insert super awesome title here] Introduction

    Hello PUA’s, AFC and everyone in between, I’m Jake. I have been lurking around in these forums for quite some time and finally decided to register. Personally I can’t be bothered reading big walls of text so I made it easy for you too to read my mess – all more important parts are in bold.

    I live in London , originally from Eastern Europe. You can call me Jake , short for Jacob. I’m 20 Years old, 5’9, skinny, and workout a bit so in good shape. I work full time. I spent too much time playing video games in the past so I’m a bit socially retarded . I grew up in an environment where my every word was being monitored by my school mates and if I said anything they could pick up on I would get made fun off, so I adjusted to talk about things I was 100% confident about (not much). After school I felt better talking about things I don’t know, but the fear of not being understood and laughed at (fear of being rejected ) remained. I feel uncomfortable with my slight Eastern accent, poor vocabulary (I have no issues understanding anyone or having a basic conversation), my mind/voice freezing when I'it comes to a situation I'm not prepared, and silent voice-I can barely speak up when approaching new people, but when talking to the ones that I know, I often get told that I'm talking too loud.

    I would classify myself a beginner when it comes to pick up, my goal is to learn how to talk to women and maybe find something permanent later on. I found out about PUA community by stumbling upon Mystery’s “The Pickup Artist” TV show . I watched some clips on YouTube about Mystery and his techniques, and then I discovered Style. Now I’m half way through “the Game” and I’m also reading “How to talk to anyone” by Leil Lowndes, planning to read the books mentioned by Neil in his book, so quite a lot of material left to cover.

    Even though I have the basic covered. I find it extremely difficult to approach people for the first time (I have no issues communicating with my friends, cousins, relatives for hours about absolutely nothing). I always run in to several situations where I had all the lines in my head , the opener, a topic to chat about, small talk, flirting, and number closing. I think noticed ioi’s from the targets, however I am unable to even say “hi” . I guess I have severe case of aa . I read some tips and exercises that might be helpful to overcome the issue, but i still freeze.

    My goal here is to find people I could discuss pickup with, share progress, receive feedback, keep myself motivated, and ultimately have no problems approaching any women and starting a conversation which would lead to more than just byebye.

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    Default Re: [insert super awesome title here] Introduction

    Your bolding skills are awesome, and welcome
    Wondering where I am now? Check out my latest project:

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