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    Default Who knew I had been doing it wrong all along...

    So I just signed up today and figured I would introduce myself. I am 29 and I am divorced. The girl I married was my high school sweetheart and after divorce I was thrown into the dating game for the first time in my life. After a few one night stands with some not so high caliber females (most of which I cringe to remember)I wound up meeting a very nice, very beautiful girl who also went to high school with me and we dated for a year and a half. In august she left me for another guy, and I packed up my sh1t and moved to the other Coast of FL.

    I knew about the book "The Game" but never really got around to reading it but finally curiosity killed the cat and I picked it up. I had been meaning to read it anyway since I am a fan of Neil Strauss's other work. I figured it would be just a fun, interesting book with a few tips but I had no idea the pandora's box I would be opening by buying this book. I devoured it in 2 days. I cant believe all the things I was doing wrong and just reading the book has helped me build my confidence and made me look at "The game" a whole lot differently. Not only that, I had no idea there was an underground community of people just like me out there striving every day to better themselves, share tips and pretty much just help their fellow man. So here I am. I will be fairly silent early on, because I want to soak in as much information I can before just blindly asking questions. I look forward to learning more and more about the world of PUAs, and possibly making some new friends along the way.


    PS, I didn't mean to link offsite when I used to Pandora's box metaphor, the site did that automatically.

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    Default Re: Who knew I had been doing it wrong all along...

    Haha we know, pandora's box is someone's work in which women are divided into eight different types.

    I really appreciate it when people take some time for an extensive introduction so here's my hello. 'Hello'.

    Good luck, bro!

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