Well hello everyone, nice to meet you all!

I'm the sheltered extreme private schooled 18 year old virgin who is in his first semester of a liberal college and has had his eyes opened. The friendzones, the failures, and everything is becoming more and more clear to me now.

I picked up 'The Game' yesterday and this whole society fascinates me and everything starts to make sense piece by piece.

So I'm here to start experiencing stories, sharing them, and turn into a confident person.

I met a man at my old job who is 21 and relatively successful with women, who has become my best friend. I made friends with his friends, and so now in college I can get into parties and so on, but I don't fit their alpha male mold and I need to.

So I've started working out, taking better care of myself, and am about to change my diet to shed about 20 pounds. I'm not ugly, but I'm not tall or physically imposing yet. I've started standing up for myself, and so on. So I came into the party scene without any warnings, and ended up having one of my friends girlfriends come chasing me whenever she drinks. This was my first taste of the experience, and I want to become the guy that people like and want when they are sober, and just want to enjoy college life.